About Us

JUDr. Jiří Voda, LL.M. has been involved in bankruptcy since 2007, preparing financial institutions for the entry into force of the new Bankruptcy Law in the Czech Republic. Dr. Voda has accumulated extensive experience in representing various litigants in bankruptcy proceedings, including:

  • Participation in the preparation of the national report for the amendment of the Council Regulation No 1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”), under a mandate of the European Commission and the University of Heidelberg;
  • Representing foreign insolvency administrators in the Czech Republic and resolving various legal issues related to the national regulation;
    Representation of debtors in the reorganization of their operations (operations of various sizes – 30-500 workers);
  • Representation on behalf of the insolvency trustee during the bankruptcy proceedings of a debtor with a registered office in the Pilsen Region (with 135 employees)
  • Representation of the main insolvency administrator in bankruptcy of the insolvency of the debtor based in Pilsen (with 180 employees);
  • Representation of creditors in the enforcement of their claims in insolvency proceedings, in which in some cases the issue of an order of breach of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic could be obtained;
  • Representation of foreign banks in the settlement of claims for debtors in insolvency proceedings;
  • Published articles, in both English and German, in foreign legal journals focusing on insolvency law. You can find an overview of all articles and monografs HERE.

Utilizing the knowledge gained from the above mentioned experience, Dr. Voda successfully passed the insolvency trustee exams in 2012, as well as opening his own practice. In a relatively short time he managed to gain the trust of the courts and began to be appointed as an insolvency trustee in many of the most complex and interesting cases.

The office of JUDr. Jiří Voda, LL.M. is committed to a professional approach to insolvency administration, utilizing the latest software methods in the field. We adhere to the central principle of the insolvency proceeding- the maximum satisfaction of creditors´ claims in the shortest possible time. Every employee of our office approaches the insolvency proceeding in this manner.

From June 2013, JUDr Jiří Voda LLM worked together with the renowned German law firm Metzeler von der Fecht, which specialized in insolvency proceedings in the automotive industry. Together, JUDr Jiří Voda, LLM and the law firm Metzeler von der Fecht managed German-Czech companies and provided comprehensive cross-border legal advice. After the dissolution of the law firm Metzeler von der Fecht, JUDr Jiří Voda continues the cooperation with the Antoniadis & Ure LLP.

Since 2014 Mr. JUD Jiří Voda LL.M has also been an examining commissioner at the Ministry of Justice for organized insolvency administrator examination.

Our law firm is a member of the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry.