Sale of Property

In this section you will find property subject to liquidation from insolvency proceedings in which we are acting as the trustee. Please contact the person responsible for the sale of any given property in which you have interest.

The main requirement for the purchase of property in insolvency proceedings is that the purchase price must be paid upon the signing of the purchase agreement or upon the transfer of the property. In the case of the sale of real estate the above mentioned procedure can be modified depending on the requirements of the financing bank. We are flexible in our approach to this matter as our goal is to sell the debtors’ property to their best benefit.

The purchaser is responsible for all taxes on purchased property.

In cases in which the sale is conducted through a real estate agency, all remuneration owed to the real estate agency is always included in the purchase price. The real estate agency is not, for the purpose of maximal transparency, entitled to demand any payment from the purchaser.