For Debtors

We have been appointed as insolvency trustees in well over a hundred cases, and therefore know the common problems that can arise, as well as expecting the unexpected things that each debtor may daily face. This includes, among many others, the risk of a delayed insolvency petition due to the civil and, indirectly, also the criminal responsibility of a statutory body. Thanks to our above mentioned specialization we are able to predict and prevent those risks.

Services offered to entrepreneurial debtors:

  • Preparation and submission of insolvency petitions;
  • Legal consultancy before the initiation of insolvency proceedings (restructuring outside of insolvency proceedings);
  • Identification of bankruptcy;
  • Restructuring consultancy; we have vast experience in creating and implementing restructuring plans;
  • Defense against so called vexatious insolvency petitions;
  • Protection of the debtor’s interests, including his business formation, in the insolvency proceeding;
  • Liquidation of a company; we will manage all steps necessary for the liquidation of a company.

Services offered to personal debtors:

  • Preparation of submissions for the permission of debt relief – the so called personal bankruptcy; Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to provide help and advice on the dangers into which debtors often fall.