For Attorneys

Thanks to our longstanding experience, we know that insolvency law is a specific and highly specialized legal area. Legal developments in insolvency law often deviate from the wording of insolvency law in practice. In the exercise of the activity of the liquidator, we are actively and intensively interested in changing the case law and regulation. We have experience in advising foreign financial institutions, international companies and closely-knit investors.

We also have extensive experience with European insolvency law, which has enabled us to succeed in many cases.

We are therefore familiar with the questions that are likely to be raised to attorneys in their practice, those which cannot be easily answered without extensive practice in insolvency law. We would therefore be happy to provide you, in the form of consultation, with the below mentioned services. Due respect to the confidential relationship between attorney and client is a matter of course. Our consultation services are between us and the attorney only.

Services offered to attorneys:

  • Conducting the legal audit of contract documentation, the so-called due diligence;
  • Legal advice in the acquisition of companies or in the acquisition of assets from the insolvency estate;
  • Substitution in incidence disputes;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on specific legal issues;
  • Asserting claims of creditors and preparing claims for insolvency proceedings.